Streaming Media Helix Server Linux Installation and Configuration

I wrote this because I was confused with the documentation that comes with the software. It's just my own notes.
Installation: For installing the server, run the installation program, v90_linux-2.2-libc6-i586-server_servinst_nodist.bin. This lets you configure ports and the path to the server software, It may look something like this:


I have a Web Server running on this machine, Since you are running httpd at port 80, input 85 (can be any port) as http port

Run: Since the /etc/hosts format is different than the Helix Server assumes, put the below option when starting Helix Server # /usr/local/rmserver/Bin/rmserver --hbi [your host IP address] check that it runs. After initial setup, reconfiguring can be done using the Web Interface, if needed, at http://your_server:AdminPort/admin/index.html. Configure IP Binding, Sample: so that you can see the stream from 202.249.26.x/29 and the Local Segment.

Helix-Server-Admin-Web Interface

Please check if your RealServer is working fine by seeing the sample file at the content root. rtsp://your-IP:rtsp-port/streamname, or mms://your-IP:portmms/streamname, and http://your-IP:porthttp/streamname. shown in the picture below is a test with Distribution Protocol HTTP (Segmentation Progresive Streaming)


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  1. Hello,
    I'm trying this but this command: v90_linux-2.2-libc6-i586-server_servinst_nodist.bin doesn't work. I get this error: command not found. I have a VPS with ubuntu 13.10, how can I solve this?

    1. I think your installation program version has some problems with Licenses file included,,
      The "nodist" (binary distributions) DNA server installs with its license included, and need an additional license file with function correctly, please you read the documentation that comes with the software and for your VPS ubuntu 13.10 i think it not problem with it,,so your file "nodist" missing functionality.

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